Auchinleck Talbot v Forth Wanderers

Hamish races in, as he tries to get to the ball before the ‘keeper.


Aiden Wilson does his best to muscle past his opponent.


Talbot come very close to scoring, as Boylan slides in but fails to reach the ball.


A long range effort from Kieran Healy but the ball goes wide of the post.


McCracken rises the highest but sends the ball well over the crossbar.


Jamie Glasgow runs ‘full pelt’ into the Forth box.


Corey Pearson fires the ball up the park and then skips past his man.


Dylan charges forward and tries to get through the Wanderers’ defence.


The deadlock is finally broken, as Hamish pounces onto the ball and prods it home. 1-0.


Blink and you’ll miss it! Talbot double their lead very quickly, as Big Jack heads the ball into the back of the net. 2-0.


From the edge of the box, Jamie tries his luck.


Bryan Boylan fires a powerful cross into the danger zone.


It’s three for Talbot and two for Jack, as he smashes the ball home. 3-0.


‘Gee’ looks stunned and McCracken looks dejected, as they both rue a missed opportunity.


Dylan Young tries to pick somebody out with this cross.


Talbot round off the game’s scoring, as ‘shankers’ rounds the Forth ‘keeper before slotting the ball into the back of the net. 4-0.


Smile for the camera Corey!


The Talbot bench and Kieran watch, as Mark has a go at goal with this free-kick.



Auchinleck Talbot v Clydebank FC

I think the referee is not interested in what the joke is, Mark.


Keir gets stopped in his tracks, as he races in on goal.


Samson has a go from a difficult angle but his shot goes wayward.


Big Andy does his job and gathers the ball comfortably inside his own box.


The ball gets cleared from danger by McCracken.


It wasn’t me.


Gareth sees his low powerful cross get blocked by the Bankie defender.


‘Gee’ makes sure he’s got this licked, as he goes hunting after the ball.


Stephen Wilson tries to get his head to the ball.


Make sure you do as your told when Big Neily dishes out the orders.


The Clydebank players shout for handball, as they let the ref know how they feel.


Both players here go chasing after the ball in the middle of the park.


‘Pee-wee’ takes a sore one, as he gets bundled over in this challenge.


The Bankies ‘keeper makes sure the wall is lined up properly.


Another screamer of a goal from Talbot to break the deadlock and guess who scored it….Gordon Pope. 1-0.


The Bankies players slump to the floor, as Popey and the Talbot faithful go wild.


Another great goal for the camera then Gordon.


Well…I think ‘Shankers’ is happy with ‘Popey’s’ goal.


Lyle makes sure he closely marks his man.


Armstrong does his best to stop this Clydebank attack.


A great chance for Talbot but Keir’s header goes well wide of the post.


The pain is etched on Gareth’s face, as the ball goes too far beyond him.


The ‘keeper stands his ground and saves Samson’s close range strike.


Talbot get given a free-kick and the Bankies players show their frustrations.


Kieran Healy has a dig from outside the box.


Boylan finds acres of space inside the box but fails to hit the target.


The photographer’s man of the match, Graham Wilson, tries his luck from the edge of the box.


Boylan’s determination pays off, as he manages to steal the ball and poke the ball into the back of the net. 2-0.


Jamie Glasgow finishes off the game’s scoring, as he heads the ball home from close range. 3-0.


I think Jamie enjoyed that goal.



Auchinleck Talbot v Forfar West End

Samson gets stopped in his tracks in the middle of the park.


‘Pee-wee’ closely marks his man.


Gordon looks on, as McCracken fires the ball forward.


‘Shankers’ fools the opposition with a neat turn inside the box.


‘Gee’ threads the ball past the defender and into the danger zone.


Graham finds the back of the net but, unfortunately, he is deemed to be offside.


I think Keir is ‘expecting’ something good from the next attack.


Stephen Wilson heads the ball straight at the ‘keeper but is flagged for offside.


‘Big Neily’ gets another Talbot attack started.


I think Stephen is getting scunnered with all the orders getting dished out.



Talbot finally break the deadlock through Mark’s low strike from the edge of the box. 1-0.


Within a blink of an eye Shankland doubles Talbot’s lead and he is clearly happy with it too. 2-0.


Keir gets bundled over while chasing after the ball.


Graham Wilson seals the win for Talbot, as he makes it three. 3-0.


El Capitano gets the Talbot machine motoring again.


Samson does his best to get his point across to the linesman.


Keiran looks stunned, as he rues a missed opportunity for Talbot.


Stephen Wilson fires a hard cross into the Forfar box.


Boylan tries to muscle his way to winning the ball back for the ‘Bot.


Glasgow tries his luck from just inside the box.


Keir Samson hurdles over the danger of this challenge.


Ahem…I think this ball boy has obviously had a hard paper round.



Talbot cruised into the 4th round of the Scottish Junior cup with a routine win over a toothless Forfar West End.

The Bot tested the visitors keeper early on when Samson won a corner down the left in the 2nd minute. Shankland whipped it over & Thain had to claw it away as it swung in under the bar.

Shankland had a half chance in the 6th minute. A quickly taken shy released Stephen Wilson down the right & he switched it in to find Graham Wilson. He laid it to Shankland who stepped inside George & drilled a low shot at goal that was blocked by a defender.

After the buzz of last week there was a slightly flat atmosphere with Talbot dominating their east coast opponents but lacking the final ball to open up the defence.

The Bot came close to taking the lead in the 19th minute. Pope played it to Shankland & when he slung a cross over to the back post Hyslop climbed highest but his header clipped the top of the bar on its way over.

The game then went into a lull with little to keep the watching fans warm on a bitterly cold day. The Bot had the ball in the back of the net when Hyslop curled it home from the left of the area but the linesman’s flag had already went up and the goal didn’t stand.

Having waited for a goal Talbot fans got two for the price of one as the Bot scored twice in quick succession to put the game to bed. In the 35th minute Lyle played it up the right to find Graham Wilson. He laid it out to the wing to Stephen Wilson who knocked it across the area where Hyslop helped it on into the path of MARK SHANKLAND who steered a shot inside the right post to put Talbot 1-0 ahead.

Within a minute Talbot doubled their lead. Forfar lost the ball deep in their own half & Talbot punished them with Stephen Wilson sweeping a ball over from the right that Hyslop dummied to allow MARK SHANKLAND to stride onto it & stroke the ball home.

The remainder of the half was played out in the Forfar half but Talbot couldn’t add to their lead and went in at the interval with a two goal cushion.

Talbot made a change during the break with Healy starting the 2nd half in place of Hyslop.

Any slim chances of Forfar making a game of it ended in the 54th minute when Talbot grabbed their third. Samson pounced on a loose pass & broke forward before feeding it into Lyle. He slipped it back out to Samson on the overlap & he cut the ball back to GRAHAM WILSON who took a touch before drilling a low shot inside the left post.

Healy had a chance to add to Talbot’s tally in the 58th minute. Shankland whipped over a free kick from the right that Healy met in the box but he sent a free header well wide of target.

Next to have a go for Talbot was McCracken who tried his luck from distance, hitting the target, but unable to beat Thain at his right post.

It took until the 62nd minute before Forfar had an effort at goal. A Walls picked up on the right & burst into the area where he fired over the bar.

There was now a raft of substitutions with Talbot making a double switch with Boylan & Glasgow coming on for Shankland & Graham Wilson. The visitors made all their changes at once throwing on Bachelor, Cruikshank & McLeavey.

Armstrong set up Talbot’s next attack sliding a pass through to release Samson down the right but this time the defence managed to cut out his ball at the near post.

Glasgow came close in the 68th minute when he gathered just insidethe box & flashed a shot just over the bar.

Talbot nearly added a fourth in the 70th minute. Samson fired over a dangerous cross that just eluded Boylan & McCracken at the back post.

Boylan tested Thain from distance in the 76th minute. Firing a shot from 25 yards that the keeper gathered at the 2nd attempt.

A minute later Stephen Wilson spurned a decent chance when he ran onto Samson’s pull back but fired past the right post from 15 yards.

In the 83rd minute Thain did well to prevent Glasgow adding a fourth. Stephen Wilson’s pass sent Glasgow haring clean through on the keeper but Thain was quickly off his line & able to block Glasgow’s low drive.

The visitors had a chance to grab a late consolation when a ball up the right found McLeavey in space. He knocked a good ball across to the near post which Cruikshank met but he couldn’t get enough on it to beat Leishman. Talbot now quickly broke down the other end where Stephen Wilson found Glasgow on the left of the area. He hit it early and only a superb stop by Thain at his right post prevented Glasgow from getting on the score sheet.

When the corner came over Boylan’s header appeared to be drifting in only for a defender to clear it off the line. The ball came out to Healy on the 18 yard line and he drilled it just past the left post.

A straightforward win for Talbot who eased past their opponents without ever really hitting top gear. Next up for Talbot it is back to league duty where they host Clydebank who will be looking to bounce back after exiting the Scottish at the hands of Petershill.

Auchinleck Talbot – Leishman, Lyle, Pope, McPherson, McCracken, Armstrong, Hyslop, Stephen Wilson, Graham Wilson, Samson, Shankland

Subs – Boylan, Glasgow, Healy, Young, White

Forfar West End – Thain, George, Wilson, Rae, Robertson, Timmons, Weir, McMahon, Hart, Godfrey, A Walls

Subs – Bachelor, Cruikshank, McLeavey, C Walls, Morrison

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Auchinleck Talbot v Cove Rangers

Pre-kick-off team talk for the Cove players.


Gordon shouts for a foul, as Mark tries to get the ball back.


‘Gee’ closely marks his man.


Mark goes racing up the wing, as Paul Hartley roars at his players.


‘Shankers’ fires a low cross into the box.


The bumper crowd watch the action unfold.


‘Pee-wee’ goes chasing after the ball.


Graham Wilson puts pressure on his opponent.


Big Andy makes his presence known and clears the danger.


‘Popey’ sends the ball back up the park.


Shankland tries his luck from inside the box.


Samson races in and tries to win the ball.


The Talbot wall stands firm and blocks the Cove free-kick.


Gareth Armstrong wins this aerial midfield battle.


The Cove ‘keeper bravely gathers the ball at the feet of McCracken.


Big Neily makes sure he blocks this Cove shot.


Acrobatic stuff from Keir Samson.


Stephen Wilson vents his frustration after being fouled.


Lyle tries to evade this challenge.


Craig looks to where he wants to clear the ball to.


Samson chases after the ball.


Talbot and ‘Gee’ come inches away from scoring, as he just misses connecting with Samson’s cross.


Gareth keeps the attack going for Talbot.


‘Tucker’ roars out the orders from the dugout.


All eyes on the ball for Graham Wilson.


Boylan fires in a cross into the Cove box.


Gareth heads the ball away from danger.


Bryan and Graham try to double the pressure on this Cove player.


The moment every Talbot fan will ALWAYS remember. Dwayne Hyslop bullets the ball into the back of the net and sends the ‘Bot into the next round. 1-0.


‘Pee-wee’ laps up the applauds from the Talbot faithful.


The Talbot army continue to go beserk.


I think ‘Gee’ is happy with Dwayne’s goal.


‘Pee-wee’s team-mates race to congratulate him.


Is there a better feeling than seeing your team score a very late winner……I don’t think so.


The Talbot bench erupts at hearing the Full-Time whistle.


The players celebrate yet another famous win.


The camera is this way, Jim.


Indecent exposure after seeing a decent win for this Talbot fan.


A picture that sums up what this type of win means to El Capitano, Wullie Lyle.


The victorious smiles keep getting wider for the Talbot boys.


As always…these types of occasions are always best celebrated with your family.




Talbot defied the odds and proved the bookies wrong yet again as the Bot secured a narrow win over high-flying & big spending Cove Rangers to book a place in the 3rd round draw of the senior cup.

Cove started slickly and had Talbot on the back foot with some neat passing. The visitors tested Leishman in the 3rd minute when they worked a short corner on the right. When it was crossed in the Bot defence headed clear but it came to Scully 15 yards out & he volleyed it into the turf. It was heading inside the left post til Leishman dived across to turn it wide.

The Bot’s first glimpse at goal came in the 8th minute. Shankland lifted it up the left where Graham Wilson headed it back toward Shankland who fired well over the bar from 25 yards.

The visitors were dominating possession but had little to show for it other than a few corners which the Bot defence successfully defended.

On the quarter hour mark Talbot tested McKenzie. Armstrong found Shankland on the left of the area & he drilled a low shot on target that McKenzie blocked with his legs at his right hand post.

Fyvie was impressing for Cove & he dinked a dangerous ball down the centre that McCracken did well to intercept & head it back to Leishman.

In the 26th minute Fyvie popped up on the right & fired a dangerous ball across the face of goal that sped behind for what everyone in the ground thought was a goal kick but the referee pointed for a corner. When the corner came over it was cleared out to Scully who blazed a wild shot over.

Talbot nearly got in on the half hour mark. Hyslop slid a well-weighted pass up the right toward Samson but Milne did well to slide in to intercept it.

The Bot had a good shout for an indirect free in the Cove box when Samson got the better of Milne and cut a low ball across the box. A defender knocked it back to the keeper who picked it up but the ref waved away Talbot’s appeals.

Cove stretched the Bot defence in the 38th minute. Smith whipped a cross over from the right that found Scully racing in on the left of the area but before he could get a shot away Lyle got across to knock it behind for the corner.

When the corner came over Leishman took it & launched it down the centre straight into the opposition box. Graham Wilson challenged McKenzie in the air & the keeper failed to claim it; however the loose ball didn’t fall for Samson & the defence were able to clear.

Scott squandered a golden chance to give Cove the lead in the 40th minute. Smith’s cross found him unmarked in front of goal but he steered his header over the bar.

Two minutes later Cove won a free kick 25 yards out for a foul on Megginson. Higgins took it but blasted his shot straight into the wall.

Talbot ended the half on the front foot, winning a free kick out on the left when Graham Wilson was shoved over. Shankland curled it into the box where Ross headed it clear. It came to Pope on the right & he fired it into the centre where McKenzie spilled it but was able to clutch onto it at the 2nd attempt and so the sides went in level at the break.

The opening effort of the 2nd half came in the 48th minute. Scully tried his luck from 35 yards out, striking it well enough, but it flew straight at Leishman.

Two minutes later Talbot nearly paid for slack play when they lost the ball deep in their own half. Aird fired over an early cross & Smith glanced a header just wide of Leishman’s left post.

Down the other end Talbot had a half chance when Pope’s ball found Graham Wilson on the left of the area. He hit it 1st time but saw his volley deflected behind for the corner. Shankland hit the corner deep where it was retrieved beyond the back post by Samson. He knocked it back across goal where Pope met it to hook a shot over the bar.

In the 52nd minute Cove passed up a decent chance to take the lead. Megginson gathered out on the right & cut it back to find Aird running onto it in the centre of the area but he passed it wide of Leishman’s left hand post.

Stephen Wilson became the first name in the ref’s notebook when he was cautioned for clipping the heels of Megginson as he burst forward.

In the 56th minute Graham Wilson lifted a good early ball down the right to find Samson racing clear on the right side of the box but he blazed over from a tight angle.

A minute later Fyvie received a caution when he tripped Stephen Wilson resulting in a Bot free kick 25 yards out. Shankland whipped it over the wall but it didn’t dip in time & flew just over the bar.

In the 61st minute the action switched from end to end. Smith flicked the ball out right to release Megginson and he delivered a good cross that forced Leishman to dive to punch it away. Talbot now launched a swift counter through Stephen Wilson who raced forward before sliding it right to Samson. He played a great ball across the goal mouth but Graham Wilson just couldn’t reach it at the back post.

Cove gave Talbot a helping hand soon after. They had a shy midway inside their own half which they threw straight into the feet of Shankland. He duly accepted the gift & surged forward & passed it to Armstrong who released it out right to Samson. He cut it back across goal but it sped just behind Graham Wilson & Shankland in the centre.

The home support loudly appealed for a free kick in the 64th minute when a free kick from Talbot’s half was flighted up toward Hyslop who was nudged in the back just outside the area but the ref gave nothing.

Cove made the first change in the 69th minute when Masson came on in place of Smith.

McPherson came to Talbot’s aid in the 71st minute when Aird’s cross from the right eluded Leishman but McPherson headed it clear at the back post.

A minute later Scott came as close as Cove were to come to breaking the deadlock. He turned just inside the box & lobbed it for goal & his shot clipped the top of the bar on its way over.

Tucker made his first change in the 73rd minute with Glasgow coming on for Shankland.

Cove’s next attack saw them win a corner on the right which Fyvie took short to find Masson. He tried to curl it on target but his effort sailed over the bar.
Talbot won a free kick 35 yards from goal when Masson shoved Hyslop in the back & Pope hit it but suffice to say it wasn’t one of his better efforts and flew well over the bar.

Tucker now made a double switch with Healy & Boylan replacing Stephen Wilson & Samson.

With five minutes remaining Pope went from distance only to see his shot loop over the bar off the head of Yule. Glasgow took the corner & aimed for Hyslop beyond the back post but there was too much on it & although he got a touch it skidded off the top of his head & behind for the goal kick.

Just when it looked as though we were heading for a replay Talbot grabbed a late winner. Graham Wilson latched onto a ball down the right channel, holding off his man, before laying it wide to Boylan. He carried it forward before floating over a cross that DWAYNE HYSLOP bulleted beyond the keeper, sparking wild celebrations amongst the crowd.

Cove now piled bodies forward and Talbot had one last anxious moment deep in injury time. Milne raced down the left before back-heeling it into the path of Higgins who swung over a dangerous cross that Leishman touched away. It came to Glasgow who headed it out toward Aird who controlled it with his arm to take the pressure off.

The referee kept the Bot fans waiting, finding 4 minutes of injury time from somewhere but when the whistle finally sounded the celebrations began in earnest.

A hard fought win for the Bot who now return to their defence of the Scottish Junior cup next Saturday when they face Forfar West End at Beechwood.

Auchinleck Talbot – Leishman, Lyle, Pope, McPherson, McCracken, Armstrong, Hyslop, Stephen Wilson, Graham Wilson, Samson, Shankland

Subs – Glasgow, Boylan, Healy, Young, McDowall, White, Hewitt

Cove Rangers – McKenzie, Milne, Scully, Ross, Yule, Megginson, Scott, Higgins, Aird, Smith, Fyvie

Subs – Masson, Redford, Redman, Brown, Robertson, Demus

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Auchinleck Talbot v Lanark United

Man of the Match – Bryan Boylan


Talbot players head up to receive their winning medals.


Andy Leishman gets presented with the League Cup trophy.


Andy lifts the trophy, as his team-mates celebrate.


League Cup Winners 2019 – Auchinleck Talbot FC


Smile for the camera ‘Shankers’.


Some of the winning goalscorers pose with the trophy.


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 1 (Bryan Boylan)


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 2 (Gareth Armstrong)


Lanark United Goal


Lanark United Goal (Continued)


Talbot get awarded a penalty via this foul, very early in the second half.


The Lanark players let their feelings known after Talbot gets given a penalty.


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 3 (Mark Shankland, penalty)


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 4 (Bryan Boylan)


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 4 Celebration


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 5 (Jack McDowell)


Auchinleck Talbot Goal 6 (Craig McCracken)


Lanark are reduced to ten men.


A bad injury for one of the Lanark players.


Talbot mascot for the day, Jake Drummond, walks out with the teams before kick-off.


Mark keeps his eye on the ball.


‘Big Jack’ does his best to win the ball.


Jamie Glasgow fires the ball low into the Lanark box.


McCracken has a go at goal with a strong header but…


…the ball gets stopped on the line by the Lanark defence.


A midfield tussle for the ball.


No way through here for the boys in blue.


He’s behind you mark.


The defender cuts out the pass before it lands to Jamie.


Talbot have a dig from the edge of the box.


‘Big Neily’ clears the danger.


Gareth ducks, as Leishman punches the ball away.


An unfortunate slip, as you’re about to pull the trigger.


A hefty challenge from the players in front of the bumper cup final crowd.


Hamish shouts for the ball but Jack decides to have a go himself, to no prevail.


Graham’s shot gets blocked inside the box.


Hamish does his best to get the ball back for Talbot.




Talbot claimed the first silverware of the season in emphatic style; living up to their billing as favourites with a thumping 6-1 win over Lanark United.

Lanark couldn’t have made a worst start as they conceded the softest of goals within 3 minutes of kick off. Young pinged a ball up the right for Glasgow to chase. Johnson raced out his area to clear but made a complete hash of it, knocking the ball straight into the feet of BRYAN BOYLAN who passed it into the empty net to put Talbot ahead.

With 9 minutes gone Talbot had a great chance to double their lead. Healey won the ball in midfield before feeding it on to Glasgow. He in turn slid a pass through the defence to release McDowall through on goal & he steered a shot just wide of the right post from the edge of the area.

McDowall had another opportunity in the 17th minute as Talbot cut open the Lanark defence. Shankland released Boylan down the left & his cutback found McDowall in space 15 yards out but he opted to take a touch & was closed down before he could get his shot away.

The Bot’s next goal threat came in the 22nd minute. Aiden Wilson slotted a pass through to find Glasgow racing clear down the left and his angled drive took a slight deflection on its way just wide of the far post. When the resultant corner came over McCracken steered a header on target that Johnson parried at his right post.

Lanark hadn’t offered much of a threat but reminded Talbot they were in a contest in the 26th minute. They won a free kick out on the right which was flighted into the centre where it was headed clear. It came out to Martin on the edge of the box & his powerful drive was heading on target but was blocked en route by a wall of bodies.

A one goal lead was scant reward for Talbot’s early dominance but another howler from the keeper saw Talbot double their advantage in the 28th minute. Aiden Wilson played it to Shankland on the left & he cut back onto his right foot before crossing into the centre. It skipped off a defender’s head & floated back toward goal where a static Johnson was out-jumped on the goal line by GARETH ARMSTRONG who nodded in Talbot’s second.

It now looked like a question of how many for Talbot & the Bot had two opportunities in quick succession. Shankland’s quickly taken throw in found Boylan racing free on the left. He might have hit it but tried to square it to the unmarked Glasgow only for Haddow to intercept & slide it behind.

Shortly after Shankland chested the ball down into the path of Glasgow on the left and he lifted over a superb cross that landed at the feet of McDowall who flashed a low drive just past the left post.

Just when it looked like Talbot were in complete control Lanark were thrown a lifeline with a wonderful individual effort to reduce the deficit in the 34th minute. O’DONNELL beat Healey to it in the centre, knocked it past Armstrong & rushed forward before crashing an unstoppable shot past Leishman from 30+ yards that flew inside the left post.

The goal galvanised Lanark who for the first time pushed bodies forward and exerted some pressure in the Talbot half but all they had to show for it was a half chance for Martin on the left of the area when a free kick found its way through to him but he fired well wide of target.

A minute later Talbot nearly restored their two goal lead. Aiden Wilson won the ball inside the Lanark half & it broke forward into the path of Glasgow who surged forward before drilling a low shot from distance just wide of the right hand post.
The closing stages of the 1st half were pretty even with neither side able to produce a telling moment in the final third and the sides trooping off at the interval with Talbot a goal ahead.

Lanark must have entertained hopes of making a game of it when play re-commenced but within a minute of the restart Talbot extended their lead without Lanark touching the ball. Right from kick off Talbot pushed forward into the Lanark half & Armstrong shoved a pass into the box toward Healey. He was unceremoniously bundled over by Watt leaving the ref with the easy decision to point to the spot. Stonewaller that it was, this didn’t prevent both Watt & Lawson from talking their way into the book disputing the award before MARK SHANKLAND slotted the ball low inside the keeper’s right post to make it 3-1.

A couple of minutes later Talbot had another chance to test the visitors defence. Shankland nearly got a free haircut courtesy of a raised boot resulting in a Bot free-kick out on the stand side. Shankland whipped over a tremendous delivery & Young got his head to it but couldn’t direct his header on target.

Lanark had a rare chance in the 51st minute. Kerr turned smartly on the left of the area & drilled a low shot across goal that Leishman held.

The game was then held up for a lengthy stoppage when Watt was injured in a 50/50 challenge with Aiden Wilson. The Lanark man took a sore one & initially fans of both sides feared the worst but fortunately after treatment he was able to hobble to his feet & left the fray to be replaced by McHugh.

By the time play restarted an hour had gone and Talbot came within a whisker of adding to their tally. A shy from the right came across to Healey and from 20 yards out he cracked a shot off the right hand post with the keeper well beaten.

The next effort on target came after 68 minutes. McDowall pinged a diagonal ball to find Boylan on the left & he was carried it forward before firing a shot from 20 yards that Johnson held.

The game was ended as a contest in the 73rd minute when Talbot moved 4-1 ahead. Shankland switched play from left to right to find McDowall & he touched it on into the path of BRYAN BOYLAN who drilled a low shot back across & into the opposite corner.

Tucker now made a double switch with Glasgow & Shankland making way for Pearson & Graham Wilson.

O’Donnell picked up what was to prove a costly yellow card in the 75th minute for a late challenge. Talbot now completed their substitutions with McKinlay coming on for Boylan.

With 12 minutes remaining Talbot passed up a chance to extend their lead. McKinlay’ slide rule pass sent Healey clean through on goal but he mis-hit his shot & sent it well wide.

In the 81st minute Haddow joined the growing Lanark crime count when he was cautioned for up-ending Graham Wilson as he surged down the right.

Talbot were now in total control and breached the Lanark defence in the 82nd minute. McDowall touched the ball inside to send McKinlay racing through on goal but he squeezed his shot wide of target under pressure..

Lanark now made a further change with Conlon on in place of Hill.

With five minutes remaining Talbot made it 5-1. Healey spread the ball out left to JACK MCDOWALL who nutmegged Fraser before angling into the box & firing a low shot past Johnson at his near post.

Things went from bad to worse for Lanark when they were reduced to 10 men late on. O’Donnell was already on a caution when he caught Armstrong with a late challenge. The referee duly produced a 2nd yellow then a red and McDowall had his name taken for his angry reaction to the challenge.

With two minutes remaining Talbot completed the scoring and sealed their win with a sixth goal. The Bot won a free kick out on the right which Healey lobbed toward the back post. Johnson came to claim it but missed it & CRAIG MCCRACKEN was lurking at the back post to turn it home from close range.

A good win for the Bot in front of a healthy home gate bolstered by a large travelling contingent through from Lanark. Next up for the Bot it is back to cup action where Talbot will face a much sterner test as they lock horns with big spending Cove Rangers who currently top Division 2 of the SPL.

Auchinleck Talbot – Leishman, Young, Aiden Wilson, McPherson, McCracken, Armstrong, Healey, Shankland, Boylan, Glasgow, McDowall

Subs – Graham Wilson, Pearson, McKinlay, Samson, White

Lanark United – Johnson, Fraser, Gracie, Haddow, Lawson, Lindsay, Watt, O’Donnell, Hill, Kerr, Martin

Subs – Conlon, McHugh, Harrison, Hamilton, McGraw

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Auchinleck Talbot v Pollok FC


It has been a year since Talbot last lost a Super League match and that record was extended thanks to a 3-1 win over league leaders Pollok.

Talbot made a strong start, forcing a corner in the opening minute that Shankland dropped onto the roof of the net.

A few minutes later Stephen Wilson tested Lumsden from distance with the Lok keeper having to tip his shot over the crossbar. From the resultant corner Pollok cleared their lines & sprang onto a swift counter attack down the left. Duff burst into the area and fired a powerful low drive on target that Leishman stopped but couldn’t hold, with Lyle completing the clearance.

In the sixth minute Talbot won a free kick in their own half which Pope flighted onto the head of Hyslop. He flicked it on into the path of Samson who raced down the right before sliding a ball into the near post which McLauchlan bundled behind. Shankland whipped the corner over and CRAIG MCCRACKEN bulleted a header home to give Talbot an early lead.

With quarter of an hour gone Hyslop received a caution for clipping the heels of Gary McCann.

The visitors came close to levelling two minutes later. Dallas won a header on to Gary McCann on the right wing. He lifted a cross over to find Duff in space at the back post. He could’ve headed for goal but instead cushioned a header back to Fraser whose shot from 10 yards out was blocked by McPherson.

With 21 mins gone Pollok paid the price for McLauchlan’s clumsy challenge through the back of Samson. The Lok centre half received a booking and then MARK SHANKLAND curled a beauty of a free kick beyond the keeper & inside the left post to double Talbot’s lead.

Five minutes later Lumsden prevented Talbot from adding to their lead. Hyslop spread it left to find Graham Wilson and he drilled a shot on target that Lumsden blocked at his right hand post.

The Lok keeper was back in action on the half hour mark. Graham Wilson laid it out to Lyle on the touchline & he swept over a tremendous cross that saw Lumsden diving full length to punch it clear.

Talbot’s next effort on target came from another Shankland free kick after Boyle fouled Graham Wilson. Shankland got it over the wall but this time it flew straight at Lumsden.

The Lok keeper was being kept busy & produced a fine stop in the 37th min. Hyslop won the ball midway inside the Lok half & squared it inside to Samson. He carried it forward and spotting Lumsden off his line smashed a shot from 30 yards that Lumsden touched over the bar.

Talbot were pressing hard and threatened again a minute later when McPherson lifted a ball over the defence. Shankland cut in off the left only to see his shot deflected over by Gallagher.

The chances kept coming Talbot’s way and the Bot had a chance to move three ahead in the 40th min. McLaughlan misjudged a high ball & Graham Wilson nicked in behind him. He carried it forward before spotting Shankland in space on the left and he lobbed it back across goal and just wide of the left post.

The temper of the game grew heated in the final minute of the half. Henry crumpled to the deck with no one near him but his acting was sufficiently convincing to hoodwink the referee who gave a foul against Armstrong. Ex Bot player Boyle then got involved, ranting in the referee’s face in an attempt to pressure the official. Once the dust settled, Boyle was booked for dissent & Armstrong was booked for hee haw and Talbot left the field 2-0 ahead.

Pollok came out fighting after the break and won a free kick in a dangerous area in the 49th minute when Dallas was fouled just outside the box. Duff took it but fired straight into the defensive wall.

The visitors ought to have pulled a goal back in the 51st min. Lumsden punted it up the left where McPherson lost it in the air. It came through to Duff in space on the left of the area but rather than shooting he played it across the face of goal where Dallas took a fresh air swipe at it.

Talbot hadn’t got started and Leishman was called upon a minute later when Gary McCann’s cross deflected off a defender forcing Leishman to turn it round his left post.

In the 55th minute Talbot had a chance to move further ahead. Hyslop passed it to Graham Wilson who switched it out to Samson on the right touchline. He arrowed a cross to the back post where Armstrong put a free header over the bar.

Talbot made sure of the win with an outstanding strike on the hour mark. Armstrong, finding the route to the box blocked off turned back & slid a pass across to GORDON POPE who rocketed a screamer past Lumsden from 25 yards.

Twice in as many minutes Boyle collapsed to the turf when challenged in the air by Graham Wilson and his histrionics paid off with Wilson ending up in the book.

In the 67th minute Graham Wilson raced up the right, continuing on despite several late challenges before finally winning a free kick for a foul by Henry. Shankland took it quickly releasing Samson down the right of the area. Samson was brought down by Fraser but there was no penalty as the ref hadn’t been ready and pulled play back; although Fraser was booked for the tackle. This time Shankland angled a low ball across goal that McLaughlan had to turn behind.

With 20 mins remaining Pollok made their 1st change with Esplin on for Fraser and Tucker made a triple substitution with Graham Wilson, Samson & Armstrong making way for Boylan, Glasgow & White.

Talbot’s next attack came as a result of a free kick following Boyle’s barge into the back of Boylan. It was taken short to Stephen Wilson who played it to Glasgow on the wing and he whipped a great cross over to the back post which was well defended.

Shankland earned a well deserved round of applause in the 76th min after turning Gallagher inside out with a couple of shimmies to earn a corner. When the corner was cleared it came out to White who teed up for Glasgow whose low strike was blocked.

With 13 mins remaining Pollok pulled a goal back. They won a free kick out on the right that Henry flighted into the box. Boyle headed it back across where ESPLIN turned it home.

Pollok took encouragement from the goal and Talbot had a couple of late scares. A cross from the right was missed at the back post by Leishman but Lyle was able to clear.

In the 86th minute Glasgow conceded a free kick on the left. It was played low into the near post where it broke to Stuart McCann whose shot was turned round the post by Leishman.
Talbot’s last chance came a minute later when Glasgow won a free kick midway inside the Lok half. Shankland delivered it into the area where Hyslop got his head to it but his header deflected off a defender and looped over the bar.

Talbot saw the closing stages out to record the win and can now look ahead to next Sunday when they host Lanark United in the Sectional League cup final with the first silverware of the season at stake.

Auchinleck Talbot – Leishman Lyle Pope McPherson McCracken Armstrong Hyslop Stephen Wilson Graham Wilson Samson Shankland

Subs – Glasgow Boylan White Healy Young

Pollok – Lumsden Gallagher Sideserf McLauchlan Boyle Henry Gary McCann Fraser Stuart McCann Dallas Duff

Subs – Forde Russell Esplin Morton Mackenzie

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Auchinleck Talbot v Bellshill Athletic

Auchinleck Talbot v Hurlford United

Hurlford strike first, as Liam Caddis manages to squeeze the ball into the back of the net via a cool back heel kick. 0-1.


Hurlford are all smiles after taking the lead at Beechwood Park.


Should this have been a penalty to Talbot. Glasgow gets brought down inside the box via a hefty challenge.


Gareth Armstrong closely marks his man in the middle of the park.


‘Gee’ finds himself with space inside the box but he fails to hit the target, as the ‘keeper pulls off a great save.


Although there’s a queue of Talbot players waiting to head the ball home, the Ford ‘keeper gets there first to punch the ball away from danger.


Jamie turns in the box and has a go but his shot gets blocked by the defender.


Glasgow tries to win the ball back but the defender manages to nod it back to the ‘keeper first.


The benches look on, as ‘Popey’ looks to get another attack started.


Samson gets a sore one from the ‘keeper, as he tries to get to the ball before him.


Dylan Young goes on a great run down the park.


‘Pee-Wee’ does his best to put a stop to this Hurlford attack.


As Keir looks to get on the end of Mark’s cross, the Ford ‘keeper pulls off a good save to stop it but…


the ball falls very kindly to Dwayne Hyslop who prods the ball home and pulls Talbot level. 1-1.


McCracken sends a crackin’ header towards goal but…


the ball smashes off the inside of the post and can only follow the path of the goal-line before being cleared.


Samson tries an awkward header but the ball goes wide of the far post.


Both Keir and Stephen feel the frustration after seeing how close that chance was.


Graham races into the box and fires over a great cross.


While ‘Whitey’ continues with a shot at goal, everybody else screams for a penalty after a foul in the build up.


Up steps ‘Gee’ but he sends his penalty wide of the post.


Hurlford roar with relief, while ‘Shankers’ and Graham rue a missed opportunity to take the lead.


Both ‘Gee’ and the Talbot faithful feel the anguish, as another chance fails to find the net.


Samson does his best to muscle past his opponent.


Tucker and Steven share some opinions about the game at Full-Time.


Well…we will see you on Friday night, Mr Ferguson.



Auchinleck Talbot v Whitletts Victoria


Talbot’s hot streak in front of goal continued as they eased to a 6-0 win over Whitletts Vics in this sectional cup quarter-final tie.

Talbot started slowly and it was the visitors who had the first chance of the afternoon in the 5th minute. Cunningham met a corner over from the right but directed his header wide of the right post.

Down the other end Talbot won a free kick in a useful area following a barge on Shankland who took the set piece himself; firing into the wall from 20 yards out. The ball rebounded out to Healy who blazed well over.

The opening goal came in the 13th minute. Young took a quick free kick inside his own half to release it to Lyle on the wing. He played it up the line to find Shankland whose low ball across goal was turned behind by Miller at the far post. When Shankland flighted the corner over Barclay flapped at it & only succeeded in pushing the ball out to HAMISH MCKINLAY who crashed a shot home from 15 yards.

The Bot had a chance to extend their lead in the 17th minute. McKinlay cut in off the right & played it across to Shankland. He in turn fed it out to Glasgow who returned the ball back into Shankland’s path but he shot straight at the keeper.

Findlay received a caution in the 19th minute for a late challenge out on the left touchline.

Talbot moved two ahead in the 22nd minute. Whitletts managed to clear away a Shankland corner but when the ball was lobbed back into the area it fell to DILLON YOUNG in acres of space & with the Vics defence looking in vain for offside he fired low past Barclay.

Glasgow came close to grabbing Talbot’s 3rd in the 28th minute. Shankland chested the ball down into his path & he hared through the centre leaving defenders in his wake before clipping a shot just wide of the right post.

McKinlay had a great chance to grab his 2nd of the afternoon in the 33rd minute. He timed his run to perfection to latch onto a ball down the left & race clean through into the box but he drilled a shot straight at Barclay.

Two minutes later though Talbot did grab their third. McKinlay surged past Miller, who had a couple of nibbles at him, but the ref gave a good advantage and waved play on. He found Pope who in turn played it up the line to Glasgow and when he swept a cross over Barclay made a hash of it; dropping the ball into the feet of MARK SHANKLAND who turned it home at the back post to complete the 1st half scoring.

There were no changes during the interval but it didn’t take Tucker long to make a double switch after the re-start; Graham Wilson & Keir Samson coming on up top for Glasgow & Shankland in the 51st minute.

Within two minutes of entering the fray GRAHAM WILSON made it 4-0 to Talbot. The Bot won a free kick 20 yards from goal for Kerr’s shove on McKinlay and he fired it past the wall and inside the right post.

Whitletts now made their own double substitution with Ewart & Reid on for Brown & Anderson.

Vics came close to pulling a goal back on the hour mark. Reid bent a good ball up the right channel to find Donovan & he hit a 1st time shot just wide of the left post.

Encouraged by this Whitletts then put together a neat move that ended with Donovan firing on target from the edge of the area that Leishman parried then gathered at the 2nd attempt.

In the 64th minute Whitletts made their final change when Davidson replaced Dinwoodie.

Talbot made their third and final change two minutes later with White replacing Hyslop in midfield.

Talbot’s next attack saw McKinlay combine well with Samson down the left before Samson fired a good low ball across goal that Barclay did well to cut out.

With quarter of an hour remaining Talbot made it 5-0 following a period of concerted pressure. A corner from the right was met by the unmarked GORDON POPE who floated a header across goal and inside the right post.

The game was long gone but Davidson came close to a consolation effort when he let fly from 25 yards; only to see his shot fly wide of the left post.

In the 81st minute McDowall whipped over a dangerous ball from the right touchline that Barclay cut out with White waiting to pounce to tap home.

Talbot completed the scoring in the 85th minute. A free kick was taken quickly into McKinlay on the right of the area. His shot was blocked but it spun across to KEIR SAMSON in space on the left & he squeezed a shot under Barclay to make it 6-0 to the Bot.

A comfortable afternoon for the Bot and this win now sees Talbot travel through to face Beith and the Bellsdale ski slope in Wednesday’s semi-final.

Auchinleck Talbot – Leishman, Lyle, Pope, Aiden Wilson, Young, Hyslop, Healy, McDowall, Glasgow, Shankland, McKinlay

Subs – Graham Wilson, Samson, Stephen Wilson, Armstrong, White

Whitletts Victoria – Barclay, Findlay, Miller, Isaac Kerr, Brown, Cunningham, Lewis Kerr, Boyd, Dinwoodie, Donovan, Anderson

Subs – Ogston, McColgan, Ewart, Davidson, Reid

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Auchinleck Talbot v Troon FC

Troon must have wished they’d stayed beside the seaside as they were hopelessly outclassed by Talbot at a wet & windy Beechwood in this one-sided league encounter.

Talbot settled to the task quickly and made the early running, pegging Troon back without being able to test them in the final third. The first effort at goal came from the visitors in the 7th minute when Chatham’s reverse pass found Fulton on the right of the area & he drilled a shot across goal and wide of the far post.

A minute later Johnstone was let off the hook by the referee. A short back pass put the keeper under pressure & as he tried to clear Graham Wilson charged it down but just as he looked set to follow up and head home the referee blew up for a foul.

Talbot were dominating possession and came close on a number of occasions. Twice in as many minutes dangerous balls were whipped across the face of the Troon goal, firstly by Shankland and then Stephen Wilson and on both occasions Samson nearly provided the finishing touch.

With 22 mins gone the visitors snatched the lead against the run of play. Kieran Paterson lifted a ball up the right that skated off Young’s head and behind for a corner. When the corner came over Talbot could only clear it as far as FULTON who rifled a fine finish inside the left post from 20 yards.

The goal didn’t faze Talbot though and the Bot were soon back camped in the Troon half and their pressure paid off when they grabbed the equaliser in the 28th minute.

A ball into the heart of the penalty area found STEPHEN WILSON with his back to goal & he was able to turn & slot a low shot inside the right post to make it 1-1.

Three minutes later Talbot moved in front. A shy from the right came to Shankland outside the area. He shaped as though to shoot but instead played it left to find KEIR SAMSON in space inside the box & he tucked a great finish beyond Johnstone to make it 2-1.

It was all Talbot and the Bot nearly scored again soon after. Healy’s shot from the edge of the area was deflected just wide of the right post off Graham Wilson.

The 3rd goal wasn’t long in coming though & duly arrived after 36 minutes. Pope slipped a good pass down the left to find the run of Samson & he lifted a cross into the centre where MARK SHANKLAND guided a free header into the back of the net.

Within a minute Talbot added their fourth. They won a corner down the left that Shankland drilled low into the near post. Samson attempted to back heel it home but his effort was blocked behind for another corner. This time Shankland lifted the corner into the centre where DILLON YOUNG bundled it home from close range.

Troon were coming apart at the seams & Keenan went off to be replaced by McCreadie.

The visitors looked down & out but rallied to come close to pulling one back in the 42nd minute. Stevenson shoved the ball on to Maley who returned it back to him and Leishman had to be on his toes to turn his powerful drive round his left post.

A minute before the interval Talbot came within a whisker of extending their lead. Graham Wilson’s touch sent Armstrong racing through the heart of the defence & his shot flew past Johnstone & cannoned off his right post and back into the arms of the relieved keeper and the half ended with Talbot trooping off 4-1 ahead.

It would have been easy for Talbot to take their foot off the accelerator but if anything they stepped up a gear after the interval.

Three minutes after the restart Gilmour did well to thwart Samson when he looked set to race through on the keeper and a minute later Graham Wilson latched onto Samson’s cutback from the left to flick a shot on target that Johnstone held.

In the 50th minute Talbot won a free kick 22 yards out after Samson was fouled. Shankland took it & fired it over the wall but Johnstone got his positioning spot on & held it inside his right post.

The chances kept coming & Talbot threatened again in the 54th minute. Pope’s slide rule pass sent Shankland free down the left of the area & he dinked it past Johnstone as he advanced off his line; however Gilmour was able to get back & clear.

An hour in and Tucker made a double substitution with Hyslop & McKinlay coming on for Armstrong & Graham Wilson.

The nonstop pressure finally told in the 62nd minute when Talbot added to their lead. Hyslop did well down the right to hustle McCreadie into conceding a corner. The defence were able to clear Shankland’s first corner but only straight back to him & he set it back to Stephen Wilson who pinged a cross over for DILLON YOUNG to head home Talbot’s 5th of the evening.

Before Troon had a chance to settle Talbot scored their sixth. McKinlay raced onto a ball down the left & fed it inside to Samson. His flick broke into the path of KIERAN HEALY who rolled it inside the left hand post.

McKinlay almost added another in the 67th minute. Stephen Wilson played it up the right to find McKinlay on the edge of the area & he showed good feet to create the space for a shot & crashed it off the bar from a tight angle.

Troon now made a change with McCloy on in place of Stevenson.

The sub was barely on the park when Talbot made it 7-1. Healy’s ball up the left found Samson running clear in the box. He knocked it past Johnstone but Paterson got a foot in to block his effort; however it fell nicely for HAMISH MCKINLAY who slotted it home.

Tucker now made his final change with McDowall coming on for Stephen Wilson.

The officials decided to have mercy on Troon and denied Talbot what looked an obvious goal in the 72nd minute. McKinlay won the ball & knocked it inside to Samson who let fly from 25 yards. His shot flew off the underside of the bar & appeared to bounce well behind the goal line before spinning out but the stand side assistant wasn’t up with play & the goal wasn’t given.

A minute later McKinlay looked set for his second of the evening when he ran unmarked onto a cross from the right but Johnstone managed to block his header.

Shankland was then denied another entry on the score sheet when Hyslop found him breaking through the centre of the defence only for his shot to be deflected just over the bar.
With 6 minutes remaining Talbot tested Troon’s keeper again. Shankland’s cross field pass released McDowall on the right & he fired a low shot back across goal that Johnstone parried away at his right post.

Talbot completed the scoring in the 86th minute. Talbot moved the ball around well deep in the Troon half before it was switched out left to Shankland who played it across the face of goal where HAMISH MCKINLAY passed it into the net from close range to make the final score 8-1.

With the light fading the referee put Troon out their misery and blew up without adding any time.

A great win for Talbot which will have done wonders for confidence and no harm at all to the goal difference column. Next up for the Bot it is back to cup duty as they host Whitletts Vics in the quarter-final of the Sectional cup.

Auchinleck Talbot – Leishman, Lyle, Pope, McPherson, Young, Healy, Armstrong, Stephen Wilson, Graham Wilson, Samson, Shankland

Subs – McKinlay, McDowall, Pearson, Hyslop, Aiden Wilson

Troon Juniors – Johnstone, Henderson, Gilmour, Keenan, McGregor, Kieran Paterson, Fulton, Chatham, Stevenson, Pooler, Maley

Subs – McCreadie, Reid, McCloy, Ewing, Jack Paterson