Talbot v Pollok 4th May 2024 – Match Sponsors & Awards

Talbot Thanks

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored our final home match as we signed off for the season at Beechwood with a thrilling 6-3 victory against Pollok. Both sides deserve enormous credit for giving us such a high quality match watched by a large and appreciative crowd.

The John & Margo Kiltie sponsor’s lounge was yet again packed out with no fewer than eleven groups presenting Man of the Match awards. That itself speaks volumes about the club and it’s loyal following.

Prior to the presentations being made, our Commercial Manager Colin Chisholm thanked and praised the many groups who work in and around the ground on match days.

He praised the efforts of the players, and the management and coaching team of Tucker, Alan, Whitey and Brian for their efforts throughout a season which has finished on a high optimistic note following the upheaval and changes in personnel we experienced prior to the season starting. Amazing progress has been made with this young and exciting group of players.

Colin also thanked our Clubs Hosts, Ross Findlay, Willie Young, Derek McDicken, Andy Davidson and last but not least, Kenny Paterson who co-ordinates the match host operation.

Finally, Colin thanked all our supporters for their amazing backing throughout the season and he paid a special thanks to everyone both within the sponsors lounge and the social club itself who purchase after match raffle tickets and to Alex Gemmell & Geordie Palmer who sell the tickets. The raffle this year has generated funding to assist with ground maintenance.

We will produce a special feature on the web page in the next week or so to highlight and thank the many people who work for the club during our match day operations.

Thanks to Craig McGhee for sponsor’s lounge photographs and to Madison Taylor for additional cover photo.


Man Of the Match Awards:                                                     


The Old Crocks award was won by Michael Wardrope and presented by James Nicol (Cheesy).













The KSD Joiners Ltd award was won by Michael Wardrope and presented by Anna Laing.













Mearns Bowlers also selected Michael Wardrope as their man of the match with John McGaffney presenting the award.













John Muir & Friends’ award was presented by Graeme Hastie and won by Michael Wardrope.













Kate Stillie & Friends’ award was won by Michael Wardrope and presented by Dougie Davidson.













Allan Campbell presented Michael Wardrope with the award from the Killie Travel Club.













Michael also picked up the award from Mauchline BC with Johnnie & Billy Eaglesham presenting the award.













Lawrie Coughtrie & Friends selected Ross Smith as their Man of the Match with Lawrie himself presenting the award.













Corporate Sponsors Egger UK also selected Ross Smith as their Man of the Match with James Conn making the presentation.













The Loons Supporters Club picked Ross Smith with Martin Lynch making the presentation.













The Jimmy Ferguson & Friends award was also won by Ross Smith with Jimmy himself presenting.













Thanks also to our match ball sponsors Emerald Contracts & K.S.D. Joiners.







Firstly, we would like to offer our best wishes to Billy Blackwood and Jack Rogers. Both had injury mishaps during the week and were unable to attend this week’s match. Both have been regular attendees and club sponsors during the season. Get well soon lads.


Mearns Bowlers













Kate Stillie & Friends, Lawrie Coughtrie & Friends & Egger UK













KSD Joiners Ltd













The Loons Talbot Supporters Club













Killie Travel Club













Jimmy Ferguson & Friends & Mauchline Bowling Club

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