U19’s – Free week. Next match Sunday 22nd away to Bonnyton.

2003 – Free week. Next match Saturday 21st away to Alba.

2006 – Both Boswell and Tigers were at home this week against Caledonian. Good start for Boswell who set

a fast pace from the off. They finally got their reward with a goal from Lewis Smith half way through the

first half. The second half saw some end to end play with the Caley goalkeeper making some spectacular

saves to keep out the talbot boys. TJ Graham scored again for Talbot before Caley pulled one back

deservedly. With the players in both squads tiring towards the end of the game TJ punched home his second

goal to give the boys a good reward for their hard work throughout the match. A hard game for Boswell

against a technically gifted team but hard work and an eventual improvement in their passing game produced

a great performance and deservedly on top. Not the best day for the Tigers. Up against a very good Caley

team who knew exactly how to play for each other and at times the Tigers were lost. They were struggling to

do the simple stuff and over complicated the game with too many touches and a lack of movement off the

ball. Can’t take anything away from Caley as they played as it should be played. A bit of a mixed day for the

Talbot 06 boys.

2007 – The boys were playing at the Old Racecourse on Saturday against Ayr Boswell. Talbot have enjoyed

good performances on those pitches and Saturday was no different. The match started off with both sides

giving it everything and were both playing good football. Talbot began to get the upperhand and were

creating good opportunities, eventually putting one away. Talbot kept playing good football before Ayr

Boswell scored themselves before half time. Into the second half and Talbot moved into another gear. Their

speed of attack was excellent, and the boys’ decision making up top was quick and decisive. This led to

Talbot scoring a few good goals. It was an excellent game of football which was a credit to both sides

however Talbot were on form and the boys expressed themselves in every way. Special mention goes to

Brandon Arthur for a tireless workrate, linking the play well and scoring some cracking goals.

2008 – Due to the league fixture with Ayr Boswell being postponed due to holiday commitments. A friendly

with NASA league side Crosshouse was arranged on Sunday.

Talbot started out against Crosshouse Colts, in a game they do minated from start to finish. Crisp passing,

sharp movement and clinical finishing were all put into perfect practice and it showed that hard work in

training pays off in games. The second game was against Crosshouse Reds, in what was a much tougher

affair. For the majority of the game Talbot continued their hard pressing, accurate passing and superb

movement. The boys could not be faulted for effort but the tiredness started to show in last 10 minutes.

Special mention goes to Josh Hayden who strolled through both games, collecting the ball at the back,

showing composure, spreading passes around and didn’t miss many tackles.

2009 – No games due to holidays.

2010 – Talbot took three teams to the Fun Four’s on Sunday. All three teams performed exceptionally well yet

again. They have settled really well, playing against teams that have been playing the Fun Four’s for

substantially longer. The kids showed great desire to do well both for themselves and their teammates and

are playing the game the right way and showing great sportsmanship. Passing is improving all the time and

the beginnings of teamwork us starting to show. Some of the individual play was excellent and they scored a

good few goals. Things are looking really good for Talbot 2010’s.

2011 – Three Talbot teams played the Fun Four’s at Greenwood Academy on Sunday morning. The teams have progressed each week with all three teams performing really well in all of their games. Each team playing five games against some good experienced opposition. They are now starting to play good football with good moves and some cracking team goals. The kids collectively worked incredibly hard and showed some great improvement as the games went on. The kids scored a good few goals. Once again they did their parents, coaches and club proud.

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