For your information, following the tragic events in Manchester I spoke to the police this morning regarding any additional security measures likely to be in place for the game. As you can imagine, the police are still reviewing their response but it is highly likely that there will be full bag searches for all spectators on 4 June as well as random body searches. In order to mitigate the resulting added time taken to get fans into the ground I’d be grateful if you could advise both clubs that this will be happening and ask them to publicise it as widely as possible. The key messages being: the reason it is happening (i.e. Manchester bombing); arrive early; don’t bring a bag with you unless absolutely necessary and, if you are told you are going to be searched but you refuse, then you will not be permitted entry.

Feel free to contact me if you need to discuss any of the above.

Kind Regards

Alan  Alan Henderson

Safety Officer  Kilmarnock Football Club

Rugby Park Kilmarnock KA1 2DP

Tel:  01563 545302

Fax: 01563 545303

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