Beechwood Regeneration Update

Beechwood Regeneration Project
It’s been quite a few weeks since the last home game but that’s not stopped the beechwood regeneration committee continuing to make progress with upgrading the spectator facilities at the park.

First of all the stand seats have been fully replaced and the stand is open for business again. Robbie Robertson has been immense together with alec gemmell in getting the seats installed. Thanks go to the guys for all their hard work. The next stage is to get netting up to protect the seats from those pesky pigeons. Last thing will be repainting the full stand but that will be for another day, or maybe even year.

Main thing that you will notice today is that the new toilet blocks are now in place. Much needed I’m sure everyone will agree. Finishing touches have still to be made. One of the toilets is to be converted for disabled access but plans are in place for this to be completed soon. Grants from the Scottish Football Partnership and Minerals Trust have been a major factor in this project and our thanks go to both funding bodies. Our thanks also go to local companies Plantfinder and Silverbirch for providing, transporting and installing the units. Special mention for Dougie aitken and the groundstaff for all their hard work as well. It was a major operation to get the units across the pitch and there were a few anxious faces as nearly 40 tonnes of lorry and bogs crept slowly over the beechwood turf. Thought the toilets might be needed sooner rather than later at one point! No need to worry as the impact was minimal due to the dry weather and careful
preparation. So,all being well, toilets will be open soon and fans will have a bit more comfort than previously experienced. With winter approaching that has to be a good thing!

What’s next? Well, plans are afoot to convert the hospitality portakabin next to the small enclosure into the new catering unit or pie hut in other words. We know traditionally this is not where the pie hut is but it will hopefully give Andy better facilities for cooking the grub. As the editor is no longer familiar with what a pie tastes like, at least it will keep his diet coke cooler! Hospitality will move to the large portakabin next to the main stand and we hope to have John holroyd’s memorabilia shop moved to where the pie hut currently is. This might need iron bars and strong locks after the recent break-in. We hope the culprits are caught soon as it is not what john deserves after all the money he’s raised.

So, it’s all change for the facilities at beechwood and we hope you’ll agree for the better. Keep you posted in the next issue with how things are going and what’s happening next.