Auchinleck Talbot FC Club Statement

As the team progress on the field, and as we are now reaching the business end of the season, the club would like to take an opportunity to update the support as to progress off the field.

One of the most impressive features about our home Beechwood Park over the last few seasons has been the pitch which has had many visitors complimenting the surface. However, it has had a very hard time this season with the weather, being consistently used during adverse conditions, together with the need to keep maintaining the irrigation system and a surprising attack from crows (first time for everything) the pitch now needs some major investment to bring it back to where it was. The ongoing nature of this is something we are very aware of, however the extent of the work required this season has taken us by some surprise. An extensive overhaul of the playing surface is unavoidable and has become a matter of some urgency. This will be rectified during the close season.

The club’s fantastic senior cup run has propelled the name of Auchinleck Talbot far and wide, and we received fantastic public relations. However, it has become clear that our current hospitality facilities are not fit for purpose and the club are losing out on substantial income. It has therefore been decided that in order to capitalise on this potentially huge market we must create a larger hospitality area. This will be done by extending the social club and creating an area in tandem with the social club. This is a major investment but one the club feels will pay dividends for the future.

The floodlights project has been led by the Beechwood Regeneration Committee who has been very busy on that front. The crowdfunder has been a fantastic success and the football club as ever appreciate the generosity of our support. The club wish to work with the BRC on this and are very much aware of the importance that the provision of floodlights will mean to the club. One of the reasons for striving to get such a facility is to obtain a club licence. However, recent developments in that have seen a number of clubs who applied for licence not being successful at the time of application. Auchinleck Talbot consider that there is still a lot to be decided with the proposed pyramid and Junior inclusion within club licencing, the club intend being in the right place to apply when the whole licence and pyramid situation becomes clearer. Therefore the floodlight system will proceed over two phases. The first phase will include all ground and electrical work including concrete plinths to place the columns on. Phase one will be financed from the football club’s resources allowing BRC to retain their money, including the crowdfunding, to help progress phase two. Both committees are working to install periphery lighting to the car park, stand and enclosures between phases one and two, this is a H&S requirement for night time games with spectators present. Phase one will take place during the approaching close season, aiming for phase two the close season after. The club and BRC will continue fundraising for the completion of phase two, with a number of initiatives being announced soon.

The purchase of a frost blankets was another substantial investment that made sure the Ayr game went ahead as scheduled. Equipment that will stand the club in good stead during cold and frosty weather vital for a club like Talbot who always have a back log of games. This could lessen that problem in future getting games on and helping with cash flow during the winter months.

The club are happy with the progress being made both on and off the pitch. A tough start to the season financially due to so many trips to the highlands was compensated as we progressed through to some very glamorous fixtures.

Here’s to another successful season on the park, and to much progress off it. Thanks to all the fans for helping make that possible.