A Football Reminiscing event

“A Football Reminiscing event takes place every first Wednesday of the month at Auchinleck Community Centre from 10.45 am, starting 11am to 12.30pm. The group has been running for three years and is aimed at helping those with dementia enjoy the national game again. There are gentle image based quizzes centred around various subjects related to both Senior and Junior Football. The event is light hearted and we encourage members of the community to attend. Those attending are able to relive their golden memories but also share their memories with those attending. There is a small charge of £2 to cover the cost of light refreshments. If you have any questions please contact Lawrence Lindsay on 07766 710702. We ask that anyone attending should be able to support themselves independently or is able to attend with a carer.”

Talbot were recently approached by the group for the use of match pictures.

Hello. I was wondering if you minded if I copied a couple of the Auchinleck cup winning pictures into a musical presentation I am doing for the Auchinleck daycare Football Memories group I do, next one being Wednesday 2nd February at the daycare. I wanted to do it as part of a tribute to Sam McCulloch who I knew when I worked for Alzheimer Scotland. I will add a song to pictures I copied from old newspaper cuttings. The group has been running for about three years and is for people with dementia. If you need to know any more info I would be delighted to provide it. John Holroyd attended my group back in October ish. I hope you are okay with my request. Would it be possible to advertise or mention my group on the website. I occasionally mention it on the Talbot Facebook page. All the best Lawrence

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