Talbot v Killie Programme Cover

The website editor requested a wee article regarding the front cover design of the testimonial match programme on Sunday.

I was asked to design it and have created a very graphic retro cover that is a wee bit different. We all know that the Talbot programme is widely accepted as one of the best for content, it has came close over the last few years in the award stakes. However, content aside, perhaps a more radical make over of the design could be the final piece in the jigsaw for the popular and quality publication. The cover integrates the two distinctive strips, traditional shirts that go back in some shape or form to the 50s and in Talbots case the 40s. It also suggests a bond between two of Ayrshires biggest football institutions, I know many Killie fans who have a soft spot for Talbot and vise versa. It would be interesting to hear fans views on this and would it be good to adopt a similar or new cover for the home match programmes for the coming season.

A one off framed high quality archival art print of the cover will be for sale in the memorabilia shop soon. All proceeds going to the BRC.

FOOTNOTE FROM WEBMASTER: We are aware that Eugene got the date wrong but that has been sorted for the match edition.



Talbot Programme final design

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