Starting from the 1st November and ending December 31st Auchinleck Talbot youth academy will be competing in the Tesco Groundwork scheme for the chance to receive £4000
This will help 9 age groups 2000,2003,2006,2007,
2008,2009,2011,2012 and recently added which is a great addition we now have a girls team ,also outwith that we have a goalkeeping academy currently in the set up this fundraising will help towards the goal of ultimately getting their own pitches as moves are already afoot to get something of their own as due to increased numbers of teams in the area and less pitches available add to that the costs of facilities getting more expensive every year to hire for training and games we feel this is a must to keep the kids moving forward and also build something that will last for many years to come
As a footballing community Auchinleck has a high standing name as winners and we at the academy want to with your continued support contribute to that great name and standing with a few age groups already winning titles and cups this past year , so let’s give these kids the place they deserve to call Home and keep them playing in Auchinleck where they should be
All you have to do is simply ask for your blue token and put it in the slot marked Auchinleck talbot youth academy
Many thanks
Scott mullen
Head of fundraising for ATFCYA

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